Superconducting Particle Accelerator Forum of Americas
Conference Meeting @ Fermilab
November 04, 2014
Wilson Hall ONE EAST

            8:00        Welcome Remarks by Fermilab COO
                    T. Meyer
            8:15        SPAFOA Mission
                    K. Olsen
            8:30        State of SRF Technology
                    H. Padamsee
            9:00        Construction of SRF Cryomodules @ Cornell
                    Ralf Eichhorn
            9:30        LCLS II Project (via remote video link)
                    N. Holtkamp, Dep. Director SLAC
            10:00       Coffee Break
            10:15       Illinois Accelerator Research Center
                    R. Kephart
            10:45       Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) Project
                    Barry Noris
            11:15       Office of Partnership & Technology Transfer
                    N. Holtkamp, Dep. Director SLAC
            11:45       SPAFOA Working Luncheon with the speakers WH2X
            13:00       Fermilab HEP Program Summary
                    N. Lockyer
            13:30       SPAFOA Business Meeting
            14:15       Coffee Break
            14:30       Tour of Fermilab facilities (IARC & TD-ICB, IB3...)
                    R. Kephart/ H. Padamsee