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Superconducting Particle Accelerator Forum of America

SPAFOA Mission

The SPAFOA provides a partnership between its industry members and government funded SCRF programs during their design, component prototyping, manufacturing, siting and installation. This integration lays the foundation for U.S. industry to compete globally for the applications of this technology in medicine, energy and the environment, security, industrial processing, and scientific apparatus. The forum conducts various activities and interactions which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing SPAFOA members with current information on SCRF programs through newsletters, bulletins and meetings in Washington, DC, at major conferences, and at government laboratories

  • Serving as an advocate for early and meaningful industry participation in government supported SCRF programs

  • Preparing and presenting briefings and white papers on relevant industrial issues

  • Facilitating two-way technology transfer between SCRF programs and industry to make the Americas more competitive in the global marketplace

  • Conducting and/or contributing to industrialization studies to reduce component manufacturing costs and schedules, examine commercial applications for the technology, and evaluate innovative construction practices

  • Briefing and informing members of Congress and their staffs of the benefits of SCRF technologies to the Nation and of their contribution to the strengthening of the U.S. industrial base in the 21st century

  • Identifying potential growth areas in Government and the private sector for SCRF based accelerator technology

President's Message

"Industrialization is a critical component of advanced particle accelerator programs incorporating superconducting radio frequency (SCRF) technology. Mobilizing the capability of industry to cost effectively produce the required high tech hardware and implement innovative construction practices within cost and schedule is critical to the successful integration of SCRF technology into government and commercial programs. Industrialization requires early and meaningful engagement of the industrial community in government sponsored science programs. Too often in the past industrial capability has not been integrated in the early stages of major government science projects, which resulted in higher manufacturing costs and schedule slippages. It also results in a lag in technology transfer into the commercial applications. The ultimate success of incorporating SCRF technology into both government and commercial programs requires a continuous laboratory-university-industrial partnership throughout its development. Therefore, the SPAFOA was established to facilitate U.S. industrialization as a major component of these programs.”


Kenneth O. Olsen, P.E.
Superconducting Particle Accelerator Forum of America